Mercedes-Benz S320 electric windows sometimes can not lift

Symptom: a Mercedes-Benz S320 sedan traveled 21,000 km, the car electric windows sometimes can not lift. The owners describe the vehicle electric windows often do not work.

1996 Mercedes Benz S320

Diagnosis: test the car, not fault. Connect with MB Star C3 to diagnosis, it shows network system failure. According to electric windows system control principle can known, the car electric windows is control by CAN- BUS, then diagnosis the CAN- BUS system, but the test results were normal. For this reason, the maintenance staff asked in detail about the situation of the car when fault occurs. According to the driver to reflect the car failure was more frequent, and always appears during driving, but does not appear when parking. For a long road test, use Mercedes Benz MB Compact3 test the CAN-H and CAN-L waveforms, has serious clutter, but electric window system able to work properly. This is occasional failures, mostly due to the line poor contact. Collated the CAN data bus, not found unusual. Then again to check the electric control unit harness of four doors, found right rear door electronic control unit connector rear CAN-H line (orange / green) is close circuit.

Troubleshooting: after handling the harness test the car, electric windows work back to normal. After two weeks, the fault does not occur again. So far, troubleshooting.

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Honda Odyssey vehicle body shake when driving

A 2002 Honda Odyssey with mileage over 220,000 km, configured MAXA automatic transmission. The car with 70km/h constant speed appears intermittently vehicle body shake.


Fault Diagnosis: The car constant speed, when torque converter into lock-up initial stages, the body appear obvious shake; when torque converter complete lock-up, the body shake disappear. Check the automatic transmission fluid, the amount and quality of oil is normal. Use Honda HDS HIM self-diagnosis the automatic transmission system, no fault code.

Road test, at the same time check the changes of data stream, found when appears lock-up clutch command, the vehicle body shake appear immediately, the whole process does not appear skidding. It showed transmission hydraulic system is working properly, the problem is in the torque converter.

Remove the transmission assembly, cut open the torque converter to check, found the torque converter is refurbished. Measuring the torque converter cover internal lockup clutch working surface flatness, the maximum amount of fluctuation does not exceed the standard value. Check the lock-up clutch, the friction surface not flat, there is a raised portion, that is caused by improper operation.The common reason is sticky sheet mold used improper selection or mold itself is not flat. Replace the torque converter, the fault completely ruled out.

The direct cause of vehicle body shake is lockup clutch friction plates not flat. In the early lock-up clutch cement, friction plates not flat will caused the friction appeared hopping, cement impact make the body shake. In order to make sure the maintenance quality of the automatic transmission, have to use special tool, and check the special tool itself is good.

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