Toyota Release Tacoma pickup truck Special Edition

Recently, Toyota released a special edition Tacoma pickup truck tribute to the classic movie “Back to the Future” series, the car use the similar design with Toyota pickup truck driving by the protagonist Marty McFly of the movie “Back to the Future 2”.

Toyota Tacoma pickup truck-1

The movie “Back to the Future” series use 1985 as the story background, in the “Back to the Future 2”, the protagonists go to the “future” is October 21, 2015, this time Toyota launched Tacoma pickup truck special edition models is use Toyota 1985 pickup truck model body painting style, pay homage to this classic movies series.

Details, this special edition model has the Toyota “D-4S” logo, painted with the words “TOYOTA” on the boot bezel. In order to reproduce the Toyota pickup truck of that year movies, this special edition model is also equipped with tubular front and rear protection bars, auxiliary lighting and special style taillights and so on.

In addition, this special edition models equipped with TRD customized version wheels, the rear of the wheel have the common fenders of that yeas pickup truck models, suspension part strengthened off-road performance.

Test will also can use TOYOTA IT2 with the latest 2015.10 software version to diagnosis all the system of the TOYOTA Tacoma pickup truck special edition. Buy TOYOTA / LEXUS IT2 INTELLIGENT DENSO TESTER2 from us will give the SUZUKI diagnosis card for free too, which can let IT2 works on Suzuki vehicles.

For this rich cultural atmosphere special edition models, Toyota did not emphasize its dynamic information, expected with 2016 Tacoma pickup truck regular edition models consistent. Note that Toyota has not yet announced this special edition models will be mass production, only revealed the car will be on display in New York, Los Angeles and Dallas and other places.

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