Detail Description for mb star c4

Mb star c4 As an initial instrument , in this article we want to present the details Descriptions Scanner of the scanner.

mb star c3 exhibiting:

This area shows external features, plug-ins and connections from the

scanning device

Entrance Look at :

1 10.1± Guided IPS Capacitive Touch Screen ¨C reveals choices, test final results and

operation suggestions.

2 High in volume Speaker

3. Front side-Dealing with Camera ¨C offers face to face technical support or communication.

4 Interaction Position Indictator ¨C reveals the interaction standing

in between the scanning device and vehicle.

5 Power Status Indication ¨C indicates the energy status from the scanner.

6 House Switch ¨C exits a screen and returns to the residence screen from the tablet pc.

Rear See :

1 Battery Compartment ¨C installs lithium-polymer battery to offer capability to

the scanner when disconnected from vehicle.

2 Collapsible Remain ¨C extends from your to enable fingers-free of charge watching of

the exhibit. The stay clips to the unit for storage space and pivots out therefore the show is at a 45 level perspective when in use.

3 Back-Facing Digicam ¨C takes images of VIN number, defective parts and

dishes and shoots test videos.

Top View:

1 Power Move ¨C switches on the scanning device, goes toward sleep at night function or get up the mb star c3​ from sleep function, push and hold for 3 mere seconds for urgent shut


2 USD Dock ¨C offers a Universal serial bus relationship for the Computer or laptop computer.

3 HDMI (higher-definition media user interface) Port ¨C outputs show from the



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