Original Autel MaxiCheck Pro Car OBD2 Scanner With Special function For EPB ABS SRS SAS TPMS

Safety: the safety performance of vehicles including the two concepts of active safety and passive safety, in the use of detection equipment, detection of vehicle active safety performance mainly, including braking, steering, sideslip, lighting project. In the appearance of the inspection, the individual can be a passive safety items, such as the safety belt. Possible future expansion of the project as well as shock absorber performance, wheel alignment, wheel balance, etc.. Traffic accidents and losses caused by inadequate vehicle safety facilities, poor performance of vehicles and poor technical conditions are reduced by testing.
Here is not the vehicle reliability: Vehicle Design detection in reliability design, and the main inspection system and mechanism in the process of using the technical condition changes, including noise, wear, mechanical deformation, no crack occurrence. For traffic safety, it is also very important to check the project. But due to equipment and labor intensity and other reasons, the implementation of the test is not very good.
Power: This is an important aspect of measuring the change of vehicle technical condition. Test content including speed, acceleration capacity, chassis output power, etc.. Through the detection, found that the dynamic change of vehicle, and can cooperate with other equipment to find the reason, timely repair. Power performance testing using chassis dynamometer or with no load test function of the instrument is completed, the former test project is comprehensive, high precision; the latter only detect engine output power, low accuracy. In addition, road test can be used to detect vehicle dynamic performance.
Economy: the main means of fuel consumption. Fuel consumption can be evaluated by using a constant speed fuel consumption and multi conditions, but the former is generally used, and the actual fuel consumption of the vehicle is compared with that of the new car. Instruments used in general have a piston fuel consumption meter, mass flow meter, etc.. Through the above reliability, power and economy of 3 test, technology can rapidly reflect the agencies, automotive systems, assembly and parts, timely detection and troubleshooting, to ensure good performance of vehicle technology.
Environmental protection requirements: the vehicle pollution has pollutant emissions, noise, radio interference, vibration and traffic accidents 5. The main detection in horn sound level and exhaust emissions of vehicles on the project, but also detect the running noise of vehicle type, vehicle noise and radio interference. By testing, to control the use of high noise and high pollution vehicles, reduce the impact of vehicle noise and pollutant emissions on the environment, in order to protect the environment and reduce the harm caused by the car to human health.
You can use Original Autel MaxiCheck Pro Car OBD2 Scanner With Special function For EPB ABS SRS SAS TPMS to diagnosis your car .
Autel MaxiCheck Pro Car OBD2 Scanner, based on Autel’s latest diagnostic platform, is simple, easy to use. The MaxiCheck Pro provides a quick and easy solution to everyday tasks in the workshop that cannot be completed without a diagnostic tool. The MaxiCheck Pro is perfect for technicians and garages, as they are so easy to use and affordable.
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