TCS CDP Pro Diagnostic Tool With Bluetooth To Instead Of Delphi DS150E

Car maintenance
1.1. daily maintenance content
Check the appearance of car before driving, look around, look at the light device is not broken, the body has no tilt, there is no leakage, leakage Water Leakage etc.; appearance check tire; check the doors, engine cover, cover and physical conditions of glass. Signal device check open ignition switch key (starting engine), light check the alarm and indicator lights, starting the engine is normal check the alarm lamp extinguished, lights still lit. Fuel oil inspection and check oil gauge indication.
1.2. weekly maintenance content
Check the tire pressure to adjust the tire pressure, clean up the debris on the tires. Don’t forget to check the spare tire.
Fixed parts of the engine oil and check the engine, check the engine have the combination of oil spills, Water Leakage situation; check and adjust the belt tension line and wire fixation; check the parts; check the supplementary oil; check of coolant; check electrolyte; inspection of the power steering oil radiator; clean appearance add windshield cleaning fluid.
Clean the car interior, clean car appearance.
1.3. monthly maintenance content
External inspection of the car, check the lamp bulb and the lamp shade damage; check the car body ornaments of the fixed situation; check the car backing mirror.
Check the tire tire wear, clean up the luggage compartment; wear mark close tire should replace the tire, check the tires have bulging and abnormal wear, mainly aging crack and mechanical damage, etc..
Cleaning and waxing clean automobile; cleaning tank appearance, oil radiator appearance and air conditioning radiator appearance of debris. Check the chassis chassis there is no oil leakage phenomenon, found traces of oil leakage, should check the assembly gear oil quantity and appropriate complement to full grease filling operation on the chassis all the nozzle. Other detailed weekly maintenance content.
1.4. maintenance content every six months
Engine external cleaning engine appearance, attention to the electrical part of the water treatment. If the electrical part of the water requirements of the higher, should avoid using high pressure and high temperature of the water to wash the engine, can use the brush with cleaning agent for cleaning the engine surface.
Net distributor distributor cap with a clean cloth to wipe the dirt, remove the dirt at the electrical contact points, eliminate contact ablation spot check, high-speed contact gap or electronic ignition system of the magnetic gap, lubricating the Distributor all lubricating points. Oil filter with compressed air blow off the dust of the air filter; filter replacing fuel filter and clean the pipe joints timely replacement of oil and oil filter. For domestic car should also clean the oil filter, fuel filter and centrifugal filter. Battery check the battery connection column part of the phenomenon of corrosion, with hot water to flush the battery appearance, removal of corrosion on the battery terminal. Measurement and adjustment of electrolyte specific gravity of battery. Coolant check and supplement coolant, clean water tank appearance.
Tire wheel tire inspection of tire wear, the implementation of the tire transposition. Check wheel, bearing preload, such as the gap should be adjusted to adjust the preload.
The hand brake lever stroke braking system check adjustment; shoe clearance check and adjust the hand brake drum; free travel check and adjust the brake pedal; check the wheel brake shoe wear, if wear mark should replace the brake shoe; check and adjust the wheel brake shoe clearance; check of brake fluid.
Important to check the chassis fastening bolt or screw fastening, especially to bolt and spiral system, found loose or defect should be complete, tighten.
Check the chassis chassis parts of pipeline, there is no leakage, connecting rod inspection and check all fastening metal, rubber bushings are not damaged, repair of lubricating grease on the chassis all lubrication points.
Lighting inspection and repair of automotive lighting, inspection and maintenance of refrigeration, heating equipment, clean sound system, etc..
1.5. annual maintenance content
Ignition timing adjustment of the ignition timing of the car engine, the diesel engine fuel supply timing of the inspection and adjustment to the repair plant.
Valve clearance is fitted with a common valve engine, and high speed valve clearance should be checked.
Clean and lubricate the oil pollution of the hinge mechanism of the engine compartment lid, door and luggage compartment, re adjust and lubricate the above mechanism.
1.6. maintenance content every two years
Antifreeze antifreeze fluid in general the service life of two years, then should be replaced in the annual maintenance of antifreeze, and the cooling system for a thorough cleaning.
Due to the moisture absorption of the brake system, the brake fluid is changed once every two years.
You also can use TCS CDP Pro Diagnostic Tool With Bluetooth To Instead Of Delphi DS150E to diagnosis your car .
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