BMW’s normal maintenance

Compared with most brands, BMW’s normal maintenance does not have the so-called small, big insurance and other projects, but the maintenance cycle is 10000 km, longer than most brands. And this is because the quality is reliable. As for the maintenance of the specific items are due to different vehicles, the price can not be unified calculation.
So what is vary by car? Most BMW have a vehicle detection system, namely vehicle maintenance (CBS) function. Customers simply operate the iDrive system or turn on the lights on the multi-function button on the button (no iDrive models) can be clearly know when to maintain what project. CBS system to provide customers with transparent and accurate maintenance information, simplify the operating procedures, improve the efficiency of the work. It makes it possible to make a dialogue between the customer and the vehicle so that the customer can make an appointment for the maintenance and use of the vehicle. Just imagine, the same model of two cars, a high speed, the other often in the urban areas, then the maintenance of the system shows that the maintenance of the project can not be set into the same maintenance package. So, BMW’s vehicle maintenance is not the traditional big Bao Bao for comparison. It is more flexible, but also more humane.
There are many owners of car maintenance knowledge is too little, for example, some owners often short range low speed driving, resulting in engine carbon, the car alarm, which is considered to be the quality of the car. This small series gives the suggestion is that the regular driving speed, when the engine at high temperature and high speed, can automatically eliminate carbon deposition. And, of course, if you can drive as little as possible. Otherwise, the same problem can not be avoided by any vehicle. Carbon deposition problem is a typical “misunderstanding”, in addition to carbon deposition, burning oil is also the same. Many owners have complained that their cars have burning oil phenomenon, in fact, this phenomenon is completely normal. The difference is that each vehicle will have oil loss, but not every car will alarm. As mentioned in the previous article, BMW has a CBS system, when the oil consumption to a certain amount, will light yellow light alarm.
BMW ICOM series diagnostic tools ICOM A and A2 are professtional tool for BMW groups includes BMW, MINI,ROLLS-ROYCE and motobike.Its function includes vehicle diagnose (for all systems), coding ( for example activating hidden functions) and programming.
The BMW ICOM A and A2 diagnostic tool from are in high quality and nice service. You can use them to works on latest bmw group vehicles with latest BMW diagnostic software Rheingold BMW ISTA ISID and so on.
And in the there are many  BMW ICOM you can choose.



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