CAR basic knowledge

1, afraid of “dirty””
Fuel filter, oil filter, air filter, hydraulic oil filter screen and various parts such as if too dirty, will lead to the filtering effect of variation, too many impurities into the oil cylinder, increasing the mechanical wear, increase the possibility of failure; if serious congestion, will cause the vehicle can not work normally. The water tank radiator, air-cooled engine block and cylinder radiator, cooler plate and other components are dirty, will lead to poor heat, the temperature is too high. Therefore, for this kind of “afraid dirty” parts must be promptly cleaned and maintained.
2, afraid of “hot””
The temperature of the engine piston is too high, easily lead to overheating and melting holding cylinder; overheating rubber seals, triangle tape, tire, premature aging, decreased performance, shorten the service life; the coil overheating starter, generator, regulator and other electrical equipment, easy to burn and scrap; maintain appropriate temperature, such as vehicle bearing overheating can make the lubricating oil quickly deteriorated, resulting in damage to the vehicle bearing burned.
3, afraid of “string”
Various parts of diesel engine fuel system, drive axle main reducer is the master-slave gear, hydraulic control valve block and valve, hydraulic steering gear of the valve core and the valve sleeve, the mate parts manufactured by special processing and grinding, paired with a very precise and, in the lifetime of use always in pairs, not interchangeable. Some with each other, such as the piston and the cylinder, bearing and shaft neck, valve and valve seat, the connecting rod cap and rod body, after running in effect for a period of time, with relatively good in maintenance, should also pay attention to pair of assembly, no stopping”.
4, afraid of “anti”
The engine cylinder pad can not be installed in the installation, otherwise it will lead to premature damage of cylinder pad ablation; piston ring for some special shape can not be reversed, shall be assembled according to different machine requirements; engine fan blade installation also has direction, fan exhaust and suction is generally divided into two kinds, not get back, otherwise it will cause poor engine cooling, temperature is too high; the direction of tyre, such as herringbone tread tires, after the installation of ground mark should make herringbone pointing back, has to guarantee the maximum driving force. For and fitted with two tires, different models have different requirements, can not be arbitrarily installed.
5, afraid of missing”
In the maintenance of vehicles, some small pieces may inadvertently leaked, and even some people think that with and without load does not matter, this is very dangerous and harmful. The engine valve lock, should be installed in pairs, such as leakage or loss will lead to valve out of control and crashed the piston; engine connecting rod bolts, flywheel bolts, drive shaft bolts installed on the cotter pin, locking screws, insurance piece or a spring pad locking device, once the leakage will be in use, may lead to the occurrence of serious fault; oil jet engine timing gear chamber used to lubricate the gears once installed will lead to serious leakage, the leakage of oil, the engine oil pressure is too low; the tank cover, tank cap, oil filler cap is lost, will make the sand and dust intrusion, the mechanical wear intensifies.
6, afraid of “oil”
Engine dry air filter paper filter, strong hygroscopicity, such as with oil, easy to make the mixture concentration high suction cylinder, the air volume, increased fuel consumption, engine power is reduced, the diesel engine can also cause “speed”; if the belt is dipped in oil liquid, will accelerate the corrosion of aging, and prone to slip, lead to decreasing the efficiency; brake shoe, dry clutch friction plate and the brake band, if stained with oil liquid, prone to slipping, bad work, thus threatening the traffic safety; starting motor and generator carbon brush etc., stained with oil will start motor power shortage, the generator voltage is too low due to contact bad. Tire rubber is very sensitive to the corrosion of oil, and oil contact will make the rubber become soft or peeling, the short time of contact will result in tire damage or even serious damage to the tire.
7, afraid of washing”
Some early drivers or beginner repair personnel, may think that all parts are required to clean all parts of the cleaning, in fact, this understanding is one-sided. The paper air filter of engine, in the clearance of the dust, can not be used in any oil cleaning, just gently slap or high pressure air filter by blowing out through can; for cortical components, also should not use oil cleaning, just use a clean cloth wipe clean.
8, afraid of pressure”
If the tire pressure is not timely and long-term storage of pile turning, will be distorted because of extrusion, affect the service life; air filter, fuel filter paper filter, such as extrusion, will produce large deformation and not reliable to filter effect; rubber seals, triangle tape and tubing can not squeeze, otherwise the same deformation may occur, affecting the normal use.
9, afraid of “near fire”
Tire, triangle belt, cylinder water, rubber seals and other rubber products, if near the fire, will be easily aged or damaged, on the other hand also may cause fire accident. Especially some diesel cars, cold winter is difficult to start, some drivers used blowtorch heating, must avoid burning oil lines, etc..
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