Car’s Maintenance

As is known to all, timely and proper maintenance can keep the value of the vehicle. The most effective way to protect the vehicle from the environmental damage is to clean and protect the environment regularly. The following gives us a summary of some of the use of the new Mercedes Benz and the use of small common sense.
When you buy a new Mercedes Benz, the first step should be carefully read the instructions, which allows you to drive the new car handy.
The following gives us a summary of some of the use of the new Mercedes Benz and the use of small common sense:
1, when you buy a new car to the brakes, throttle, steering angle, lighting, sound use, etc., must be used in the operation of the project will be used to be familiar with, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble in the car.
1500, in front of your new car 2 km should be careful to operate the car engine, so that the engine can be a long time to play the best performance.
In 3, according to the running condition of adjusting driving speed and engine speed, engine load but not make excessive (without reservation, to avoid acceleration) high engine speed (rotational speed can’t exceed any transmission shift speed of 2/3). If not necessary, do not step on the gas pedal to the speed limit switch to allow the transmission to change into low gear box. Hand in the vehicle to shift at the appropriate time, do not change the use of low gear brake performance to enhance the braking effect. 3, 2 or 1 block can only be used in slow speed, such as climbing the slope.
4, after traveling 1500 kilometers, can gradually increase to full speed and engine speed. When going out should be in the service station to buy the original fuel oil additives, refueling in the way to add, you can effectively avoid the fuel quality is not good, to avoid the work of the vehicle engine is bad, resulting in unnecessary damage.
5, in the 5000 ~ 8000 km to the Mercedes Benz repair service center to do the first insurance, according to the conditions of our country to be in in the instrument maintenance tips to 8000 kilometers, every 20 thousand -3 million kilometers to do an engine cleaning, including the inlet, nozzle, solar term door, gasoline engine, pipeline inspection and computer set. To keep the engine powered by cleaning the vehicle for a long time.
6, the driver in the process of driving, do not put the hand on the hanging block, so that it is easy to occur in the middle of the gear will not be reduced when the speed can not rise. There is a situation, will make the vehicle in the sudden increase in speed, which is when you are in the direction of the speed limit may be encountered in the control rod, causing the vehicle speed in a certain set of good speed.
7, in the car with the SBC brake system, you must put the brake and accelerator with the master, because the brake system is computer control, and the general brake system is not the same. Make not used to feel that the vehicle is not soft, the use of the accelerator to re make the performance of the vehicle to play out.
8, equipped with four-wheel drive vehicles do not use long time 4WD low gear, so the engine and transmission caused by premature wear, thus affecting the performance of vehicles.
9, the vehicle tire should always check the pressure and tread wear, thus reducing the burst phenomenon and running in high speed. Don’t rush at the pit in the running. When the road surface should be slow refueling, so that the tire to climb up the stairs, do not make the front of the tire and the direct contact, so that the most easily damaged tires and rims.
10, in the winter should pay attention to the concentration of glass water not too thin, because the existing Mercedes Benz cars are equipped with headlight cleaning function. If the concentration of inadequate cleaning system for freezing cracking caused by cars, component damage, loss of headlight cleaning function.
11, the vehicle should not be stored for a long time, this will cause the battery charge is insufficient or no electricity, when you use the vehicle can not normally start. If the vehicle is mainly used for short trips or long hours by car idle, should check the battery charging more frequently. In the case of a long time to use the vehicle, you will be the vehicle battery cathode from the battery terminal to take down, once again using the vehicle before the installation can be.
Timely and proper maintenance can maintain the value of the vehicle. The most effective way to protect the vehicle from the environmental damage is to clean and protect the environment regularly.
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