Introduce about Volvo Company

Volvo group (English: ABVolvo), now the production of trucks, buses, construction equipment, yachts and industrial engine of the Swedish company, founded in 1927 in Goteborg. Volvo, originally for Latin, originally intended to be “rolling forward””.
Volvo in the production of car started, the founder of the Swedish Gustav Larsen (Gustaf Larson) and Arthur Gbelson (Assar Gabrilsson) originally serve the famous Swedish ball bearing manufacturing (Ball bearing)
Founder: Gustav Larsen and Arthur Gbelson
Founder: Gustav Larsen and Arthur Gbelson
SKF, which is Gaibuliesenze Larson engineers, and is the origin of economics of international marketing department manager. Because two of the car prospective and enthusiasm, work together successfully persuaded SKF in September 1925 when the board of directors to borrow, the company is located in torslanda (Torslanda) factory assembled test car, and authorized in August 10, 1926, officially began the new car production. And Volvo’s first product, is the April 14, 1927 listing of &Ouml V4; Volvo convertible.
Due to the growing size of the sales performance is getting bigger, Volvo in 1935 officially divorced from the parent company SKF, independent of Volvo’s continued operations. Until 1998, Volvo automobile has always belonged to the Volvo company (AB Volvo) owned by the company, except for passenger car, commercial vehicle manufacturers are world famous, its products include aerospace, aviation and various mechanical equipment.
Symbol meaning
In June 1915, the name of “Volvo” first appeared in a ball bearing on SKF, and was officially registered as a trademark in the Royal Swedish patent and trademark registration office. From that day, SKF company produced each group of cars with the ball and roller bearings on the side, are marked with a brand new Volvo. In Latin, “Volvere” is the verb “roll” (rolling) of the non fixed, for example, with the pistol is referred to as “revolver””. In the use of the first person singular form, the verb “volvere” becomes “Volvo”, “roll I” is “I go forward” means. So Volvo means “roll forward.””. Chinese name is now unified as Volvo, in the past there have been “Regal” Chinese name.
The Volvo logo is composed of three parts: the first part is composed of graphic circles represent the God of war in ancient Rome, ancient chemical symbol this is iron — there was an arrow in the circle, a diagonal direction arrow pointing to the right corner. In Western civilization, it is a trademark of the oldest and most common, which originated in the Rome Empire, Mars, Mars and Rome masculine temperament in three different concepts and symbols, and reflects the original origin of Mars and was used to make most of the iron weapons between. Because of this, the symbol has long been included in the world, including Sweden, as a symbol of the iron and steel industry. The reason why in the car on behalf of the iron element of the brand logo, is to make people think of the glorious tradition of the Swedish iron and steel industry, as well as the strength of iron and steel.
The second part is arranged in the radiator on the diagonal, a diagonal line from the upper left ribbon tilt direction of the lower right. This ribbon is originally for technical considerations for the name symbol affixed to the grid, then gradually evolved into a decorative symbol and has become the most obvious sign for Volvo car.
The third part is the registered trademark of Volvo company, which is the VOLVO of the ancient Egyptian font.
Volvo automobile to the quality and performance to enjoy a high reputation in northern Europe, especially in security systems, Volvo Car Corp has its originality. The U.S. highway loss data Institute has painted over ten of the safest cars, Volvo topped the list.
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