Bmw Icom

In November 2nd, Chengdu Sino German cooperation innovation core industrial park, global car sharing car rental Co. Ltd and BMW (China) automobile trade limited company in Chengdu to start a new energy automobile lease service signed a strategic cooperation letter of intent. According to the plan, BMW will deliver 100 pure electric I3 BMW upgraded version for universal car to enjoy its brand EVCARD in Chengdu to carry out new energy vehicles in the lease operating service. This cooperation will be regarded as the combination of EVCARD’s revolutionary product innovation service mode and BMW, a major initiative to jointly promote the sustainable development of the individual travel.
The signing ceremony, the general manager of global car sharing car rental Co., Dr. Cao Guangyu said: “the EVCARD and BMW (China) the depth of cooperation, the promotion of new energy vehicles timeshare rental services and city traffic sharing mode, leading technology and driving pleasure, better green travel guide fashion.”
BMW (Chinese) automobile trade limited company president Dr. Liu Zhi said: “the future of travel to automation, Internet, zero emission and sharing of personal, BMW group is ready, a new” first strategy “as the guide, to continue to lead the development of the industry. BMW hopes to enjoy the time with universal car rental service to try, so that more environmentally conscious, the pursuit of high-quality modern lifestyle customers enjoy the convenience, pure electric travel fun.”
The new energy vehicles can reduce the cost of private use of electric vehicles, reduce motor vehicle ownership, ease air pollution and energy saving and environmental protection and other positive role, in order to promote the sustainable development of the city. At the same time, it also promotes a new way of urban travel and the concept of life.
BMW ICOM series diagnostic tools ICOM A and A2 are professtional tool for BMW groups includes BMW, MINI,ROLLS-ROYCE and motobike.Its function includes vehicle diagnose (for all systems), coding ( for example activating hidden functions) and programming.
The BMW ICOM A and A2 diagnostic tool from are in high quality and nice service. You can use them to works on latest bmw group vehicles with latest BMW diagnostic software Rheingold BMW ISTA ISID and so on.
BMW ICOM BMW ISTA A+B+C with software (Internal HDD)
BMW ICOM ISTA A+B+C was publised at 2010. Our BMW ICOM always be with newest ISTA/D ISTA/P software. As a professional scanner to BMW group, it is the latest program, diagnose, coding and complete system BMW have the full system replace DIS GT1/SSS/OPS and OPPS. Your hands are free from heavy OPS now! All BMW series include mini and Rolls-Royce can be diagnosed & programmed by that power full scanner.
You can go to OBDMORE.COM buy it .



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