ECU program

1 modification and upgrading of traffic ECU is to increase the engine operation of the fuel supply?
A: software upgrade is not a multi jet fuel to increase horsepower, but the fuel supply and ignition of the song
Line to match with the adjustment, in order to achieve the purpose of increasing horsepower. In STD (standard), the computer modified tail
Gas emissions are all in line with the European EEC environmental pollution standards, of course, environmental testing can be passed, or even more than 70% customers
The car will run more reaction, but also fuel-efficient than the original, feel very surprised!
2 modified to upgrade the performance of the ECU in the chip, the traffic on the computer ECU there will be hurt?
A: because it is only on the ECU, the power of the re rewrite of the program, but the engine is more accurate calculation of combustion,
And to accelerate the operation speed of burning ECU chip, it will only improve the efficiency of management engine combustion chip, therefore, the whole
ECU will not have any damage, in addition, modification and upgrading of ECU, only on the power chip to upgrade and adjust,
No other related parts of the ECU and the chip to make any changes, so will not be on the computer ECU
Any harm.
3 what are the benefits of upgrading ECU?
Answer: A, natural intake form engine can increase 10% to 15% horsepower and torque;
B, TURBO models can be increased by more than 30% horsepower and torque;
C, engine speed of the lifting speed, is modified before the upgrade of 2-3 times;
D, automatic shift of the vehicle when the more smooth, dynamic convergence is more smooth, in a hurry to accelerate the shift time will be delayed;
E, can solve many problems such as the original factory can not be solved, such as: idle speed is too low and easy to turn off, block engine knock problem, since the row
Transmission shift shock and other issues.
4 why the need to modify the ECU to get the horsepower?
Answer: as long as you want to enhance the horsepower, do not increase fuel consumption, modified to upgrade the ECU chip is your best choice, but also with the
Foreign modification of science and technology synchronization of the most orthodox modification method, want to improve the power, modification and upgrading of ECU chips is necessary
The first step is the most direct, hardware modification of other parts of your dress to play 100% of the other properties;
Outside, if you do not modify the upgrade ECU chip, in order to get the 20 horsepower to 50 horsepower, the estimated cost of hardware modification
1-3 million, the cost is very high!
5 modification and upgrading of ECU will, the normal driving will increase fuel consumption?
Answer: No, on the contrary, it will save 5%-10% of fuel, the reason is very simple, the engine power output has been excellent
The engine speed has been increased, and the time is short… Individual vehicles appear to charge oil rumors
Don’t put the cost of high speed racing in the modified fuel cost upgrade ECU, in addition, cremation plug bad
, the leakage of high pressure line, as well as the failure to clean the throttle valve and air filter, will affect the level of fuel consumption of the vehicle, please
Check and clear the parts in time!
6 modified upgrade ECU enhanced performance, the engine will be hurt?
Answer: the engine of the biggest damage than negligence, no matter the modification and upgrading of ECU or not, if you do not pay attention to the engine’s security
Keeping or driving at the peak of the engine can cause engine wear and damage;
Modification and upgrading of the ECU program, but also to improve the driving ECU, the burning part of the precision and speed up the ECU computing speed
Degree, mainly to see the driver of the vehicle control and maintenance of the situation, therefore, the modification of the ECU will not have any damage to the engine, the running period of the new car can be installed.
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