Autel Maxidas DS708 Scanner Tool

1 regular inspection of the lights to ensure that the car lights clean and normal, there is a fault in a timely manner to replace the repair.
In terms of the overall structure of the headlight, whether it is general halogen headlights, or xenon headlights, or with the LED lamp group, in the rear position has a ventilation rubber tube. In the light of the moment and headlight headlight will produce a large amount of heat when in use, ventilation pipe is the role of the heat discharge lamp as far as possible, to maintain the normal working temperature of the lamp, to ensure that the use of the headlight stability. The ventilation tube, the moisture in the air through it into the headlight and attached to the cover, with the accumulation of water vapor, each drop down shade flow down. This is mostly caused by large temperature differences, winter and rainy season, vehicle wading, washing all this phenomenon caused by improper.
2 maintenance power steering system, every 40000~45000 km to clean a steering system.
The power steering system controls the direction of the car, to ensure the safety of the vehicle steering, power steering fluid is often due to persistent extreme pressure and high temperature working environment, so after a period of time there will be pollution deterioration, and the lubrication performance, leading to the formation of the film and other deposits, make the car turn the steering wheel with difficulty, etc. fault. If the power steering system inside the sediment can not be cleaned regularly, it is easy to cause damage to the hydraulic pump system, resulting in high maintenance costs, and delay the precious time. In order to avoid this kind of phenomenon, the power steering system should be cleaned regularly, and the new power steering fluid should be replaced.
3 vehicle load will have a direct impact on fuel consumption. Generally speaking, the larger the load, the higher the fuel consumption, so please try to reduce unnecessary items. Reducing the weight of the vehicle not only helps to reduce fuel consumption, but also reduce the body load of the suspension, you can extend the life of the suspension. After the vehicle increases the additional load, the required traction force will be increased, the engine needs more power output, and thus the fuel consumption will be increased accordingly. Data show that: the increase of 10 kg per vehicle load, every 1000 km, fuel consumption will increase by about 0.4 L.

Autel Maxidas DS708 Scanner – Car Diagnostic Tool Supplier



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