Good Quality Volvo Vida Dice Diagnostic Tool

1 check the spark plug, travel 20000-30000 km that should be replaced.
The spark plug is used to introduce the pulse high voltage electric power produced by the ignition coil into the combustion chamber, and the electric spark ignited by the electrode is used to ignite the mixture and complete combustion. Spark plug electrodes normal color is gray white, such as electrode black and accompanied by burning coke, then there is a fault. Spark plug is easy to consume, the general travel 20000-30000 km that should be replaced. Spark plug replacement is not a sign of fire, or electrode discharge due to ablation and into a circular. In addition, as found in the use of frequently spark deposition, off the fire, usually because of the spark plug is too cold, to be used for hot spark plug; if the issue of the impact of the sound of hot ignition phenomenon or cylinder, you need to use cold type spark plug.
2 regular waxing, car waxing can protect car paint from pollution and rust.
Waxing the car maintenance, can remove paint stains, forming a layer of protective film formed on the paint film has good effect and can remove some micro crack gap repair paint. At the same time can prevent the ultraviolet, acid, alkali and other substances of corrosion, delay the aging of the car paint, prolong the service life of the paint. Because the vehicle running environment, parking place, waxing intervals should also be different, generally every vehicle parking garage, often running in good road 1 February hit a wax; and often in the car parked in the open air, the wind and rain, the best of each month to play a wax. Of course, this is not mandatory, the general feeling of his hands touch the body is not smooth, we can re waxing.
Best Quality Volvo Vida Dice Diagnostic Tool With 2014D VIDA ALL IN ONE and EWD Software
1. This is Volvo Vida Dice with latest Via All in One software updated to 2014D supports multiple languages.
2. Our Volvo VIDA DICE is with full chip, NOT J2534 protocol one.
3. Firmware of our Dice Volvo can be updated to works with new software.
4. With VOLVO 2014D and EWD (Electronic Wiring Diagram).
5. Please note: It does not works on new XC90 Doip.
Volvo Vida Dice Scanner Diagnostic Communication Equipment is a professional diagnosing and programming tool for Volvo vehicles. The VOLVO VIDA DICE Scanner from OBDmore is in original PCB board and IC chips inside. Why we sell it as such quality? Please check below:
1. VIDA DICE in original PCB and IC supports full functions and enter all systems of vehicle.
2. VIDA DICE in original PCB and IC can works with newest dice software which you download. That means you do not need us to send you software. Just use it with newest software you download!
3. The firmware of this Vida Dice can be updated by newest software. No crashing, no problem.
You can go to the OBDMORE.COM buy VOLVO VIDA .



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