The role of anti freezing agent is to prevent freezing of the engine water tank. It is also known as a coolant, because it can be taken away from the excess heat generated in the engine work, so that the engine can operate at a normal operating temperature, and to avoid you trapped in the vast steam of the roadside. So, don’t just use water as antifreeze.
The coolant reservoir is located under the engine cover, and the tank cover can be identified with a warning label. But it is best to check the manual to ensure that no mistake. Before opening the cover, make sure the engine is cool, so as not to quickly heat the coolant.
After ensuring that the engine is cooled and the car is parked on the ground, the liquid volume in the tank can be determined according to the numerical value line, and this capacity cannot be lower than or higher than the maximum value.
It is not permanent, so it needs to be replaced once in a few years. The component store’s coolant tester can help you measure the data to determine if you need to replace it.
Antifreeze also has a variety of options, so it is best to buy suitable products according to the recommendations of the manual and vendors. But no matter which product you choose, you will need to add the appropriate water according to the cold weather. In the UK, most of the car in accordance with the ratio of 1:1 to the water is good. Even so, it is better to make a decision based on the manual and professional advice.
Finally, open the liquid storage tank, filled with liquid. The best with the funnel, so as not to damage the paint liquid leakage
OBD2 Scanner
OBD2 Scanner means you can read the car fault codes from obd socket.OBD2 Scanner can works on all vehicles from 1996 to now because obd2 was used on cars AFTER 1996.You can use OBD2 Scanner to read car faulty codes and erase them.Some of them has special function such as data stream and so on.
OBDMORE provides kinds of obd2 scanner at different price and functions.You can find a most suitable one for your car.
You can go to OBDMORE.COM buy obd2 scanner.



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