Mercedes Star Diagnose C4 (SDconnect)

1 check oil
It is also easy to check the oil, but for the precision measurement, it is necessary to make sure the engine is cool and park the car in the flat. The position determined, using the dipstick (usually yellow or orange handle is inserted into the engine).
Pull out the dipstick, and a roll of paper to dry, do not drop. Again to repeat the operation, and then take out again. At this point the oil stops at a place between the minimum and maximum values. If it is located at the maximum or near maximum, then everything is fine.
2 make up the oil
If you show the oil dipstick near the minimum value then you have to add some oil. In order to avoid engine damage and warranty failure, you have to choose the correct label of the oil line. This point is written in the manual, and the dealer will also tell you the relevant information.
Oil labels are usually represented in numbers and letters, such as 10W-30, and synthetic and non synthetic oils.
In engine cooling, found oil cover (top engine, a pot logo). Before opening the cover, it is better to clean up the surrounding dust and slag, to avoid falling into the engine.
After opening the cover, use the funnel to pour the oil into the engine. Wait for a moment and the dipstick depth measurement. Value should be less than the maximum value. If there is a need, then add, but do not pack too full. Remove the cover and the dipstick, wipe out the oil droplets.
Mercedes Star Diagnose C4 (SDconnect) With Xentry DAS WIS EPC
1.This is high quality Mercedes Star Diagnose C4 (SDconnect) With Xentry DAS WIS EPC
in 120GB hard drive for many Lenovo and Dell laptop.
2.Full Chip inside with EPCOS Filter for stable connection.
3.It is with good Wlan card build in card slot.
4.Firmware can be updated,series number is 101044. Support 12V & 24V.
5.We give Intel Wireless card ( install in laptop) as free gift.

Mercedes Star Diagnose Compact 4 (SDconnect) tool is the latest version tool for Mercedes group cars & heavy duties which support also UDS vehicles. Our Sdconnect support 12V cars & 24V heavy duty. We only sell good quality ones with 2 years warranty.
HighLights of Our MB SD Connect:
1. With latest software xentry, das, EPC, WIS and so on.
2.Fimrware (Bootlmage and CSD) can be updated for newer version forever.
3.All brand new relays inside to keey good quality meanwhile we add EPCOS Filter for stable connection.
4.Nice Wlan card (D-link) for good working station and FREE GIFT Intel Wireless Card!
You can go to OBDMORE.COM buy MB STAR C4.



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