Autel Maxidas DS708 Scanner

Two, carbon cleaning is important automotive coke prevention techniques analysis
1, the use of clean gasoline
Impurities in gasoline is the main component of the formation of carbon deposition, so the trend of the formation of a high degree of cleanliness of the gasoline is weak. However, attention should be paid to the high grade does not mean high quality, labeling only representative of the octane number of oil, and can not represent the quality and cleanliness.
Some owners in order to ensure the cleanliness of gasoline, will be used in the practice of adding gasoline detergent. This can effectively prevent the formation of carbon deposits on the metal surface, and can gradually activate the original carbon particles and slowly removed, so as to protect the engine from damage. However, the addition of gasoline detergent must be careful, if you join the fake and shoddy products will be the opposite effect.
2, do not idle for a long time
Idle for a long time, the engine will be required to reach the normal temperature, the time will be longer, the gas is injected into the back of the valve after the evaporation of the slow speed, and the resulting carbon accumulation. At the same time, the air flow into the engine is also small, so the erosion of the carbon deposition is also very weak, will promote the deposition of carbon deposition.
3, pay attention to the timing of the flame
For turbocharged cars at high speed or climbing is not immediately after flameout, the idle for 10 minutes after flameout, turbocharged car the carbon formation faster than the general naturally aspirated cars several times faster.
That car will meet in regular maintenance conditions every 20 thousand to 40 thousand kilometres to avoid demolition of cleaning air intake system, which is based on engine apart with special methods of special equipment for vehicle inlet, valve, oil and other easy to form carbon parts in carbon cleaning operation.
Autel Maxidas DS708 Scanner (ORIGINAL)
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