CarProg Full Programmer Latest Version With All Adapters

A car is convenient for people’s life, but also so many do not understand the car owners think car beauty and maintenance is very troublesome, in fact, car beauty and maintenance although time spent, if the owners find the right method for the project can also be a lazy car, also can let the car stay beautiful and good performance.
1 filter to the repair shop to replace
Always pay attention to the cleaning of the filter of the car. Don’t underestimate it, it has a direct impact on your car fuel. In the car engine in the process of using, dust and other impurities will be mixed with oil, and air oxidation and combustion of waste gas of oil, oil will gradually produce glial or sludge, which will not only accelerate the wear of parts, and easy to cause the oil plug. Therefore, regular cleaning of the filter for the car.
2 two years just need to change antifreeze
When the weather turns cool, once the cold air comes to a sudden drop in temperature, it is likely to affect the normal operation of the car cooling system. Then we must promptly release water in tap water with antifreeze. If your car has been using antifreeze, you do not have to immediately replace the. Antifreeze replacement cycle for two years, the replacement cycle of general antifreeze is 2 years to 3 years or 30 thousand km to 40 thousand km. Some antifreeze storage after one year, there will be a small amount of floc, this phenomenon is mostly caused by the additive precipitation, do not have to throw away. If a large number of particles precipitation, it shows that the antifreeze has gone bad, can not be used again. Need to be reminded that the replacement of antifreeze before the cleaning engine.
3 reasonable purchase of insurance
Many owners in the purchase of auto insurance, often buy “excess insurance (Fang Xinbao)” and “inadequate insurance”. Excess insurance, the insurance limit is higher than the actual value of the insurance subject, such as the purchase of a $120 thousand car, the insured amount of 300 thousand yuan stolen, if the total loss, the compensation is only 120 thousand yuan. The “insurance law” thirty-ninth paragraph second: the insurance amount shall not exceed the insured value, exceed insurance value, excess is invalid, i.e. the insured can get appropriate compensation for the loss of the subject-matter insured, but not because of the purchase of insurance to get beyond the subject-matter of the insurance value of income from. In addition, the full amount of insurance, the insured amount is less than the actual value of the insured value, this situation will be paid in proportion”.
CarProg Full Programmer Latest Version With All Adapters
CAR PROG Full is designed with regard to demands of our clients to have universal tool for odometers, dashboards, immobilizers repair, ECU repair and car radios, including advanced functions like EEPROM and microcontroller programmer, key ect.
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