Audi TT Sportback concept car will be unveiled in Guangzhou Auto Show

Recently, we learned from official sources, Audi TT Sportback concept car had debuted in 2014 Paris Motor Show will meet with the Chinese audience during the opening of the Guangzhou Auto Show November 20, 2015, the feature of the new car is use four-door design, in power will equipped with 2.0TFSI engine.

Audi TT Sportback-1

The highlights of Audi TT Sportback concept car is use four doors design, the future may become Audi’s new four-door coupe prototype. In appearance, the new car use Audi family grille design, headlights shape sharp, front face looks very aggressive. In tail, the car use very narrow taillight design, the rear bumper of the car combines flat bilateral co-two out exhaust pipe.

In power, Audi TT Sportback concept car will be powered by the 2.0TFSI turbocharged engine, the engine’s maximum power of 400 horsepower. In addition, the car will be equipped with quattro four-wheel drive system.

In test, Audi TT Sportback concept car will continue to use VAS 5054A to diagnosis all the system, but must need with the latest odis software. Our ODIS software is update to the latest 2.2.4, it is entirely to diagnosis all the system of the new car. VAG VAS 5054A is a universal diagnostic tool for Volkswagen Group and all OBD vehicle systems, mainly do AUDI VW Seat.

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Volkswagen Jetta Avant Garde GA car at high speed powerless

A mileage of about 110,000 km, with ATK engine FAW-Volkswagen Jetta Avant Garde GiX car. When the engine speed reaches 3000r/min performed shifting, engine is not running smoothly, the vehicle have punch feeling, high-speed driving weakness.


Fault Diagnosis: use VAG VAS 5054A diagnose the the engine electric control system, no fault code memory. Check the ignition coils, harness connector reliable connection. Remove the spark plug of each cylinder to sparkover experiment, sparks strong. Remove the fuel filter, found the filter is dirty, suspect the fuel quality of the fuel tank is poor or oil plug. So after removed the fuel tank, thoroughly clean fuel pump strainer and fuel tank, re-add high quality clean fuel, and replace the fuel filter, install fuel pressure gauge to measure the fuel system pressure, when engine idling the fuel pressure is 250kPa, when rapid acceleration is 300kPa. To keep the pressure at above 200kPa, the measured values were normal. Use the electrical barrier of multimeter to Measure the fuel injector resistance is 15Ω, meet the specified value.

Disconnect throttle position sensor harness connector, found that the plug connection is reliable, the pins in good contact, but have some dirt near the throttle. After cleaned, use VAS 5054A check engine speed when the throttle closed or open sensitive reaction and accurate. Check oxygen sensor voltage 0. 1 ~ 0. 8V changes, proved oxygen sensor is working properly. Check the crankshaft position sensor, after measuring, the signal output is normal, the harness connector in good condition. Performed parts replacement test, after replaced the control unit, intake air pressure sensor, throttle body and the ignition coils, the fault persists. Check each sensor element plug, found 2 knock sensor harness connector plug and socket looks something was amiss. After pluged two knock sensor plug back in place to test, the results returned to normal, the fault completely ruled out.

Later after understanding to know that the car had been replaced knock sensor. Since the model of two knock sensor plugs as easily reversed, although reversed but not affect the engine normal start, but after 2 connector reversed cause the control unit receives the wrong signal, causing the engine work abnormal.

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